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Whispering Pines Preschool is a private preschool, which provides educational and therapy services to young children with special needs, as well as a preschool early learning experience for typical children. There is no direct cost to the parent for the services provided to children with special needs who are placed by the Committee for Preschool Special Education (CPSE). These services are funded through county and state funds.

The Whispering Pines Curriculum is grounded in the educational premise that all children must be actively involved in the environment in order for learning to occur. Children learn more effectively in environments that draw from their own experiences and ideas. Our curriculum provides children with new information and challenges, which can be assimilated into their new learning experiences.

Utilizing a team approach, the programs provide educational opportunities for young children by allowing them to develop to their fullest capabilities. The programs provide:

  • An environment that encourages peer to peer socialization.
  • A play-based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for each child. Staff that will facilitate the learning skills that foster successful transition and interactions with peers.
  • Comprehensive support services as an integral part of the learning process.
  • An environment that encourages direct parent involvement as an integrated part of the learning process. 
  • An environment that is responsive to the diversities of the children and present material in a non-biased manner.
  • An environment that nurtures each child’s level of self-esteem, independence, and respect of others.

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