Family Resources

Early learning experiences will last a lifetime. It is imparitive that all families have access to early childhood education information. Your children are important and we strive to deliver high quality early care, preschool, kindergarten and other educational settings to prepare your learner for a lifetime of success.

Here Are Some Resources That Will Aid In Your Child’s Growth

Strong and healthy children are better able to explore their physical world and better prepared for formal schooling. For children to grow and learn to their fullest potential, they must be healthy, happy, and engaged in creative play.

See Our Recommended Resources Below.

100-day kit:

Autism Research Institute:

Autism Society

All Points Licensed Behavior Analysts

Bureau of Early Intervention Pamphlet (Eng)

Bureau of Early Intervention Pamphlet (Spa)

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD):

National Down Syndrome Society

New York State Education Department (NYSED)

NYSED Parent Resources:

Office of Children and Family Services

Office of Early Learning (UPK)

Parent to Parent

Partington Behavior Analysts

Wright’s Law

We Build Communities Of Life Long Learners

“Children Are not Things To Be Molded, But People To Be Unfolded” ~ Jess Lair