Community Resources

Individual & Family Support

These resources can assist in locating individual and/or family support to address a variety of mental health issues and connect you with local community services.  This is not a comprehensive list; however, these resources will be able to assist you in further finding the type of counseling, mental health services, and other resources that you are looking for.

Questions about where to find food, pay bills, or other services? Call United Way at 2-1-1

Novel Coronavirus /COVID-19:

Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19: During this time, it is important to stay up to date from repeutable sources of information. Please follow the website for up to date information and guidelines regarding COVID-19 best practices and how to best protect yourself and your family. 


National Grid: They will not shut off electricity or utilities due to unpaid bills until at least the end of April 2020.

Spectrum: They are offering  free services to families with pre-k to college students for those without a Spectrum subscription at this time for those affected by COVID-19. Call 1-844-488-8395

Access from AT&T: They have a low-cost wireline home internet services for qualifying households. 855.220.5211 or 


State Benefits

Unemployment: If your job is affected by COVID-19 you are able to apply for Unemployment Insurance, for more information go to:

SNAP: Supplemental Nutrition Program currently has an expedited (5 day) review option available. Please contact your local Department of Social Services (DSS) office or 

Department of Social Services by county can connect you to WIC (Women’s Infant and Children), SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program), Medicaid, and emergency assistance. 

Food for School Age Children: Please check in with your local school district as many districts are providing bagged lunches and/or breakfasts for pick-up while schools are closed due to COVID-19.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7 Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Online chat at

Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741-741

National Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-SAFE or text LOVEIS to 22-522

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD)  518-442-2574

Online at

Parent to Parent of New York State     1-800-305-8817 or 518-381-4350

Online at 

County Offices

         Albany County

Albany County Department of Social Services                                                               518-447-7300

Children’s Mental Health Division                                                                                    518-447-4550

Capital Counseling                                                                                                              518-462-6531

Equinox: Domestic Violence Support                                                                              518-432-7865

Equinox: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Family Support                                        518-435-9931


Delaware County

Delaware County Department of Social Services                                                            607-832-5300

Delaware County Mental Health Clinic                                                                             607-832-5889

Delaware County Children and Family Servies                                                               607-865-8255

Delaware County Food Bank                                                                                              607-746-1600                                                  


Fulton County

Fulton County Department of Social Services                                                                       518-736-5600

Family Counseling Center                                                                                                         518-725-4310

Mental Health Association of Montgomery and Fulton County                                         518-762-5332 ext. 109 

Food Resources: Salvation Army                                                                                              518-725-4119

Fulmont Community Action Program  (food, clothing, WIC)                                                518-725-7110

Foothills United Methodist Church (food)                                                                               518-725-9611

Food and Domestic Violence Resources: Catholic Charities                                                 518-848-3061


Greene County 

Greene County Department of Social Services                                                                        518-719-3700

Greene County Mental Health                                                                                                    518-622-9163

Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene                                                                     518-943-0176

Food and Domestic Violence: Community Action Agency                                                      518-943-9205 


Herkimer County

Herkimer County Department of Social Services                                                                      315-867-1291

Herkimer County Mental Health                                                                                                  315-867-1465


Montgomery County

Montgomery County Department of Social Services                                                               518-853-4646/518-212-5778

St. Mary’s Children’s Mental Health Services     Amsterdam, NY                                           518-843-7520

Mental Health Association of Montgomery and Fulton County                                             518-762-5332 ext. 109

Food Resources: Fulmont Community Action Agency                                                             518-842-0790

Food and Domestic Violence: Catholic Charities                                                                       518-842-4202


Otsego County

Otsego County Department of Social Services                                                                           607-547-4200

Otsego County Children’s Mental Health Clinic                                                                          607-433-2334

Bassett Hospital Outpatient Psychiatry Services                                                                       607-547-3500

Family Services                                                                                                                                607-433-0444

Catholic Charities                                                                                                                            607-432-0061                                                                            

Saratoga County

Saratoga County Department of Social Services                                                                        518-884-4140

Saratoga County Mental Health Services                                                                                    518-584-9030

Saratoga Center for the Family                                                                                                     518-587-8008 

Four Winds Childrens Outpatient Program                                                                                518-584-3600, ext. 3153


Schenectady County

Schenectady County Department of Social Services                                                                  518-388-4470

Union Street Counseling                                                                                                                518-374-6263

Ellis Mental Health Services Children’s/Adult                                                                             518-382-2290/518-243-3300

Capital Psychology                                                                                                                          518-355-5800

Children’s Mental Health Clinic                                                                                                     518-381-8911

Food Resources: Schenectady Inner City Ministry                                                                     518-346-4445

Food Resources: Salvation Army                                                                                                  518-346-0222

Domestic Violence Resources: YWCA                                                                                           518-374-3386


Schoharie County

Schoharie County Department of Social Services                                                                       518-295-8334

Catholic Charities: Counseling/Food Program                                                                             518-234-3581

Schoharie County Community Mental Health Clinic                                                                   518-295-8336

Catholic Charities: Domestic Violence Hotline                                                                             518-234-2231

Schoharie County Community Action Program (SCCAP)                                                           518-234-3507


Oneida, Herkimer, Schoharie, Otsego, Delaware, and Chenango Counties 

24 Hour Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT)                                                                       315-732-6228 / 844-732-6228

Confidential support and referrals to community resources: Warm Line                              607-433-0661